Pearl Harbor war hero honored

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MADILL, Okla. -- He was honored for serving his country in World War II, but his medals were destroyed in a fire. Now sixty-five years after the day of infamy, a Pearl Harbor survivor and Madill resident was re-presented with five of his medals.

Gunner First Class Albert Yandell was on the U.S.S. Tennessee on December 7, 1941, the day of infamy, the attack on Pearl Harbor. But years after that war, Yandell lost everything he earned during World War II in a tragic fire.

On Thursday, he was presented with all of his medals once again.

Albert put all of those memories in the back of his mind and dawned his old uniform and stood tall and proud to receive five Navy Service Medals including the World War II Victory Medal. Commander Rodgers was honored to pin the awards.

Yandell was also presented with a state certificate from state representative Terry Hyman. Nursing home officials say that having seniors with that much history is amazing and something like this just had to be done.

Yandell is one of only 20 other surviving sailors on the U.S.S. Tennessee. The ship was part of Battleship Row, one of the most attacked areas in Pearl Harbor.

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