Trash problems piling up in Wapanucka

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WAPANUCKA, OK - After almost a month of no trash collections in the Johnston County town of Wapanucka, residents are finding other ways to disposing of their garbage. Austin Wright has the story.

In the town of Wapanucka, Oklahoma, residents have a problem that isn't going away. In fact, the problem is piling up.

"With the trash situation that we've had for the last two weeks, it got so bad that I had to call the health department because I had to know where to put my trash," Wapanucka resident Kelli Hilburn says.

Hilburn is one of the many that are fed up with with the town's growing trash problem. She told us running her small restaurant has been a challenge since the trash service she and other residents are still paying for is now non-existent.

"The trash service we've been getting is not worth a crap. You never know if the trucks are going to be here, if they're broke down, if the bill ain't been paid, so you know, enough is enough."

The company that provides trash collection services is called Waste Connections, Incorporated. The district manager for the company, Carry Dixon, says a delinquent bill is the reason trash services are now on hold.

"We haven't been paid. It's been over four months since we received a payment from the city of Wapanucka. We have tried numerous occasions to resolve the issues. We even offered them a payment plan," Dixon says.

According to Dixon, if city council members had agreed to the payment plan trash services would resume, but he says they weren't interested.

Through a phone call earlier this evening to KXII, Wapanucka city council member James Jimeson told us that council members are unhappy with Waste Connections' services and will send payment once they receive an itemized invoice.

Until then residents are told to dump their garbage in several large containers placed around town until further notice, which none seem to be happy with.

"They supposed to dump out trash, and going on three weeks now and we don't have nobody to dump out trash and the roads and winds are blowing trash everywhere," resident Willard Chapman says.

The Wapanucka city council members that we did speak with today all declined to comment on camera.