More Hostages May Have Been Taken

06-21-04 - (Seoul, South Korea-AP) The South Korean man taken hostage in Iraq may not be alone. South Korea's Yonhap news agency reports he's being held with as many as ten foreigners. Some of them may be Americans.

The report comes from the employer of the South Korean hostage.
He says some of the abductees were seen by an Iraqi go-between who visited the kidnappers to try to win the South Korean's release. The group reportedly includes a European journalist and employees for the US based contractor Kellogg Brown and Root.

South Korea's foreign ministry says it can't confirm the report.

Meanwhile, there have been protest rallies, candlelight vigils and sit-in demonstrations in parts of South Korea. Protesters are showing their opposition to the government plan to send thousands of troops to Iraq.

Officials in South Korea say they will keep their commitment to send 3,000 troops to Iraq, the third largest contingent after the US and Britain.