“Infestation” in Madill?

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MADILL, Okla. -- One Marshall County family says they've done everything they can to fight off mosquitoes, but they keep coming back. Now they’re trying other remedies to make them go away.

Tassie Garrett says she has gotten rid of standing water and used deet-based repellents, but the mosquitoes still swarm around her and her family.

She says she's worried about West Nile Virus and wonders why the city isn't working to stop what she calls “an infestation.”

Tassie told us the mosquito problem at her house has gotten so serious she recently had to take her 8-month old son, M.J., to the hospital for several mosquito bites on the child’s arms, legs, and forehead.

She says she contacted the city of Madill and asked if crews would start spraying chemicals to keep the mosquitoes down, but officials from Marshall County say that the city has not sprayed for several years now because of negative health effects.

"I wanted them to spray…when I called, they said they couldn’t because people were allergic to it, and they don’t have the funds for it. They raised the sales tax. Where is that going?” says mother Tassie Garrett.

Calls made to Madill city officials were not immediately returned.

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