Local Business Comes to Shelter's Rescue

6-23-04 - A north Texas business has come to the rescue of a Fannin County animal shelter, after seeing a story on First News. Monday night, employees at International Cutting Solutions in Denison watched First News at 10, and the story of a thief who stole $800 that was raised during a charity golf tournament to benefit the Fannin County Critters.

Company CEO Randy Boujikian wrote an $800 check today to the charity, saying he’s always had a soft place in his heart for animals.

Volunteers at the Critter Corner in Bonham couldn’t believe the news – that their lost money would be replaced. Organization president Stepanie Wood said, “Oh my, its wonderful and just amazing to have money donated to help us, to help all these animals. I just want to say thank you for helping us.”

The shelter plans to use to the money to keep the food supply going for the animals and to repair damage to the building that is currently causing kennels to flood. Critter Corner never got any leads on who stole the money, but in addition to the large donation, several people have dropped by with extra bags of food and bones.

If you'd like to help out the Friends of the Fannin County Critters, call 903-583-1652 or click here