Legislator wants gas prices in Carter Co. investigated

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CARTER COUNTY, Okla. -- Carter County residents are feeling the pain in their wallets, paying $3.29 a gallon for gas. Some stations dropped their price 20 cents since KXII reported gas prices on Thursday. Now, a state lawmaker is questioning those prices.

Oklahoma State Representative Mike Shelton has asked the state attorney general to conduct “vigorous investigation" of gas prices, especially in the southern part of Oklahoma.

Shelton says those prices are being blamed on flooding that has shut down the refinery in Coffeyville, Kansas, but Shelton says that’s just an excuse.

“I am absolutely disappointed. Why is Ardmore increased when it never received any gas from the Coffeyville area?" asks Oklahoma District 97 Representative Mike Shelton.

Price for a gallon of gas across the Red River in Texas is 40 cents cheaper.

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