Teen Shoots Brother - Flown to Dallas Hospital

6-24-04 - A Bells teenager shot his 14 year old brother Thursday afternoon, amid a confusing crime scene in Bells, Texas. Paramedics flew the teen to a Dallas hospital just after 2:45pm, with a gunshot wound to the neck.

Police say the shooting happened behind a home on 402 Bells Boulevard around 2pm. They questioned a 15 year old boy who they believe shot his brother with a .22 revolver. The boy was later returned to his home when he refused to answer questions.

Police say the crime scene looked to be the site of a struggle – several lamps and other objects in the home were broken. The mother of the two teenagers called police. The victim also suffered a broken arm. But officers are still investigating it as an accidental shooting.

Police also made two other arrests at the home, when two men interfered with authorities the investigation and used dogs to push media back from the scene.

The condition of the wounded teen is unknown at this time.