Man who failed to register as sex offender gets 12 years

By: KXII Staff Email
By: KXII Staff Email

GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. -- A man who didn't follow the law received some tough punishment when he failed to register as a sex offender. A Grayson County jury sentenced him to twelve years in prison.

After moving from Sherman to Denison, Michael Steven Hess, 48, did not notify the police departments in Sherman and Denison within the required seven days.

Hess was convicted back in 1984 of an aggravated kidnapping in Longview, Texas, and titled a sex offender. He was paroled in 2003.

Authorities say sex offenders need to get the message that registration requirements are serious.

Hess received one year for every day he was late in registering on his last move.

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  • by Anon Location: Denison on Apr 3, 2009 at 11:21 PM
    Get your facts straight before you write your story. Mr. Hess was railroaded by Sharon Perkins of the Sherman Parole Office (who should be demoted) as was Mr. Bell, demoted to a street cop by his incompetence! This entire incident was a public hanging by the Sherman and Denison Police Departments! He WAS registered as a Sex Offender, they got to him the only way they knew, by stating he had not told Mr. Bell and Ms. Perkins 7 days prior to moving from Sherman to Denison. He informed the Denison Detective, as quickly as he could, this person was on vacation when Michael tried time and time again to register. Mr.Bell, along with Sharon Perkins and the Denison Detective found that if she did not bring her subpeoaned documents as requested, they could hang Mr. Hess. What a crooked, corrupt system you have in Grayson County! Thank the Lord, Mr. Hess will no longer have to endure your injustice. May God have mercy on your souls!!!!!!!!
  • by Anonymous Location: Sherman on Jul 18, 2007 at 11:18 AM
    I see things both ways. I knew him and I know what kind of person he is now. I would not let my children be alone with him, but I never once feared my childrens safety because of him. He did not follow the rules and for that he should be punished, but at the same time I know he was trying to follow the rules. I believe his punishment was a little extreme. I don't believe the punishment should not have been 12 years, especially when you have drug dealers and meth makers that only serve a couple of years before they are back on the street selling drugs to our kids and making meth next door to houses with children. Why 12 years for one and 2 for the other? Splain Lucy!!!!!!
  • by Anonymous Location: Sherman on Jul 16, 2007 at 08:13 PM
    The Jury didn't have anything to do with his sentence. The Judge did. Get your facts straight. He was approved to live in Crutchfield school distract by his parole office before he moved there, otherwise he wouldn't have been able to live there.
  • by Kay Location: oklahoma on Jul 16, 2007 at 10:18 AM
    While I agree that pedophiles need punishment WE ALL have to realize that not everyone on these sex offender list are violent. I know a man who was accused of 2nd degree rape (statutory) when he was 26 with a 15 old. The "victim" was 100% willing & testified to that in court. NOW HIS DAUGHTER IS THE ONE WHO PAYS FOR IT. This family lives in constant fear that society will cast the stone at his daughter & wife. When will everyone wake up and see that most everyone on Oklahoma's list is not violent even if they are listed as AGGRAVATED this just mean the "victim" was under 16 years old. Im proud to call this man my nieghbor & friend. The offender website should also provide information stating that this man is a wonderful father & husband, community volunteer and has never had any other illegal involvment beside traffic tickets. Please encourage your family & friends not to hold one persons mistakes against a kindergarten age child who had no involvement in what her daddy did years before she was born. WHAT KINDOF EXAMPLE OF LOVE ARE WE SHOWING WHEN WE HOLD THESE PEOPLES FAMILY ACCOUNTABLE.
  • by Lacey Location: Sherman on Jul 16, 2007 at 09:31 AM
    To Scott, I appreciate your opinion but get off the soapbox. Most people who are sexually "abused" go on to live normal lives. They dont have their lives taken away. They have had trauma but they ARE STILL ALIVE. They still live for years and have families and reach goals, hug their children every night. Murderes take away people FOR GOOD.
  • by tb Location: sherman on Jul 16, 2007 at 08:35 AM
    Well folks I understand everyones view. But let me tell you a story Right now I have a friend that I grew up with and the only thing he got in trouble for was for running from cops or stealing and then he got his life together now he was on probation anyhow he got married had a little girl and then just because him and his wife was out and by the way they hadn't been getting along and she held the probation over his head so what did she do she used a 17yr old babysitter and told her to turn him in for pinching her boob. Well I saw both statements one when she reported the incident and another 6 months after the fact and neither of them was the same so he had a court appointed lawyer and he didn't bring nothing up in court and my friend was put in prison for child molestation and he again went to prison for breaking probation and now he has the title of child molester you think of child as 2 or 3 or 10 and 12 but 17 no and I tell you this he would have never done this to a child he loves kids always has and he had always wanted a family and this happend to him and now his little girl only knows him by picture and because of his stupbid state appointed lawyer he has lost a part of his life he will never be able to have again.
  • by Tommy Location: Denison on Jul 15, 2007 at 07:59 PM
    I agree with Richie. This is way out of control. Yes, a victim of a sexual predator carries scars for life. But so does a store clerk who is robbed, someone who is beaten in a parking lot, or other crime victims. I feel for the children, but I also feel for the victims of other crimes as well.
  • by Bo Location: Lone Grove on Jul 15, 2007 at 07:51 PM
    Hay F from Texas what if it was your child? A sex offender is a sex offender. I do not care if they are a rapiest or child molester. They need to fixed and I do mean snip, snip and put on death row or never see the light of day outside of a prison. Nothing can be so wrong as to take these things from our children. I think they need to hang them, too. There needs to be a place for these people to be tortured every day of their life.
  • by Lisa Location: Sherman on Jul 15, 2007 at 03:39 PM
    I'm glad this scum is back in prison where he belongs. Before he moved to Denison this guy was living near Crutchfield Elementary School. The very same school my 2 neices attend. How is it he was allowed to live in a school zone area? And anyone who says that this sentence is harsh punishment would be thinking differently if he harmed your child.
  • by Mad Mom Location: Sherman Texas on Jul 15, 2007 at 03:13 PM
    Im sorry he should have never been paroled in the first place. I am a mother of two and i have been down that road. I have sat in the CPS office for 3 hours while my daughter was interviewed because of the man next door who we thought was a good man molested his girlfriends daughter and mine. All of you who think that what he got was to much is crazy. My now 10 year old daughter lives every day not trusting anyone because of a sick man. You wannt to say that his sentence was not fair but, i can tell you whats not fair living day in and day out worried that what happened to my child could happen again to her or someone elses daughter.
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