Sherman rescue team to be on stand-by until rains subside

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SHERMAN -- Rain continues to fall across the area, meaning fire officials in Sherman are on alert in case of an emergency.

Sherman fire Chief Jeff Jones says the High Water Rescue Team will be on stand-by as long as there is a threat of rain.

The six-man team has already been in action rescuing a man stuck in a car just outside of Tom Bean back on June 18th.

Chief Jones says he hopes the team won’t have to be called out again, but with all the rain the area has experienced this summer, you never know when the need will arise.

"You'd like to think it would never be used. Unfortunately, the team has been called to action many more times than we anticipated, but we find it a valuable resource having the training and the equipment available. I think it would save lives."

The High Water Rescue Team received their training this past spring just in time for the floods.

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