Texoma Lodge developer says it’s not discouraged by flooding

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Okla. -- Most of Texoma Lodge has been closed because of the flood. The unusual weather pattern has given officials with Pointe Vista new insight into their plans that could mean even more improvements for the site.

Marinas around Texoma State Park have been suffering. So far, losses are estimated at $250 million in revenue, but the issues are more far reaching than the lake's shore.

"Seventy-five to eighty-percent of our hotel motel tax, it’s down to almost nothing," says Jeff Hudson with the Marshall County Chamber of Commerce.

Pointe Vista developers are still looking to turn the park into a first-class resort and despite this summer's deluge; they say they knew about the risks involved.

"We knew that it was such a large lake and that brought a lot of value and along with that we knew getting into it, it was a variable level lake that rises and decreases quite frequently," says Pointe Vista’s Scott Fischer.

After visiting the property last week, developers say none of their planned site is underwater, and the weather is giving them a rare chance to see how plans might hold up when the waters rise again.

"Gives us a great opportunity, I believe…to have aerial photos done of our property and see where the lake is at its worst."

While marinas, campgrounds, and even neighborhoods are dealing with the devastation, Pointe Vista developers say they're lucky.

It's not the high water that's standing in their way. It's still a matter of paperwork.

"I think once those title issues have been resolved...it will give us an opportunity to move forward."

Officials from Pointe Vista say they hope to have title issues for parts of the property resolved by September.

Once finished, they say they hope the project will help offset the millions of dollars in damage to the economy of not just Marshall County but southern Oklahoma and north Texas.

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