Five-year-old shot dead by brother

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FANNIN COUNTY, Tex. -- A five-year-old boy is dead after authorities say he was shot Saturday afternoon. Fannin County Sheriff Kenneth Moore says it happened around five o'clock in the evening on Saturday.

The shooting occurred in the northeastern part of the county near Honey Grove in the northeastern part of Fannin County near Sashe.

Authorities say the boy was shot in the head by his 10-year-old brother and pronounced dead at the scene on Saturday. The body was sent to a forensics lab.

An emergency caller said the child was shot with a BB, authorities later discovered the victim's ten-year-old brother had used his father's .22 rifle.

Police say the rifle was not locked up and was accessible to the children.

Police are investigated into if it was an accidental death. They say if that is the case then no charges will be filed.

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