One more try

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DENISON -- Some Denison residents made one last appeal Monday night, hoping to save the old high school. Members of the community gave mixed responses. Most agreed the building should stay, but disagreed on how the city would be able to pay to keep it.

Residents packed the council chambers at City Hall, listening as a member of the Texas Historical Commission talked about why the building should stay. The original part, built in 1913, is about the only portion still standing.

Brad Patterson, the historical commission representative, said the original portion was the most historic area of the school. Most of what has already been demolished would have been destroyed even if the building was restored.

Other residents spoke to the council, saying they have had this discussion for the past twenty years, but think the costs to restore and maintain the building would be too high.

"It's not like we woke up yesterday and decided to destroy the building,” said Robert Brady, mayor of Denison. “We've been trying to raise funds so save this building."

The council didn't make any decisions Monday night. The agenda only called for public comments about the demolition, not any action. The council said they plan to honor the demolition contract.

Walgreens has offered the city more than one million dollars for the site, but the city would have to receive a nod of approval from Denison Heritage, Inc. first. The deed of the property states the land is for public use.

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