Flash Flooding In Ardmore

6-30-04 Nearly six inches of rain in a matter of hours turned into flooding in Ardmore Wednesday. By lunch time streets were covered with water, some closed all together and motorists left stranded.

In fact, officials say it’s the worst flooding they’ve seen in years. In one hour the city got over 50 calls from people either reporting accidents or cars stranded in flooded streets.

Drew Street on the southwest side of town was among the hardest hit with a vehicle stuck for more than hour. Motorists on South Commerce and Washington Streets, along with Stanley Street were also hit hard.

City officials say with more rain, will come an increased risk for more flooding. Some tips: Pay attention, drive slowly, and never try to cross high waters where you can’t see the road in front of you.

Officials say the reason Commerce Street floods the worst during storms is because that’s where the main drains run for the city.