Police impersonator in Anna

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ANNA, Tex. – Officials in Anna want to warn you about a police impersonator who's already pulled over at least one woman on Highway 75. Nicole Holt has more on what you need to know to keep from being a victim.

We trust law enforcement everyday, but what happens when that trust is broken by an impersonator?

You hear the horror stories all the time of a police impersonator pulling over a woman and committing violent crimes against her.

The same scenario happened in Anna, but this outcome has a far better ending.

On Saturday night, a Sherman woman whose name has not been released to protect her security was pulled over on Highway 75 near Mantua Road by a white, "police-type vehicle."

The impersonator is described as a white male, in his early 30's medium build, and was clean shaven.

He was wearing a navy or black uniform with only a small star badge above the left pocket. The woman claims he handcuffed her, then searched her purse without her consent, and then released her without further incident.

Again, the woman was not hurt, but the Anna Police Department warns residents if you are ever pulled over by an "unmarked" vehicle call 9-1-1 and speak with a dispatcher. Tell them your location and that an unmarked car is trying to stop you.

If you don't have a cell phone, turn on your hazard lights and continue at normal speed until you reach a well lit area.

Officers will understand your actions and deal with the situation appropriately.

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