Unclaimed funds

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. -- More than $120,000 of unclaimed money is in the possession of the Grayson County district clerk's office. It's money that belongs to local homeowners.

The money is left over from homes sold by the county at auction because people didn't pay their taxes.

More than 300 homes in Grayson County have been sold at sheriff’s sales since the beginning of the year. The county takes what back taxes are due and any court fees owed. If money is left over, a certified letter is sent to the homeowner.

District clerk Tracy Powers says people have a two-year grace period to claim those funds, but they are extending that time period.

"If somebody thinks they had property sold years ago in a sheriff’s sale, they can contact our office, and we'll get that money to them," said Powers.

If you do think you received one of these letters with in the past two years and have not picked up the funds, you can contact the district clerk’s office at 903-813-4357.

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