Saddam Hussein- "Bush is the real criminal"

07-01-04 (Baghdad, Iraq-AP) -- It began at 2:15 in the afternoon, Baghdad time, when four Humvees and an armored military bus pulled up to a former palace on the outskirts of the Iraqi capital.
Saddam Hussein had arrived at what's now called Camp Victory,
for his first court appearance since he was turned over to Iraqi
custody. A judge asked if he was Saddam Hussein. According to a pool reporter, Saddam replied, "Yes I am Saddam Hussein, president of
Saddam had some questions for the judge, too, at one point
asking if he represented the coalition. The judge said, "No, I
represent the Iraqi people." After seven charges against him were read, Saddam said he was surprised to be charged, because everything was carried out in his capacity as president. He also said the proceedings against him were theater, and that "the real criminal is Bush," who he said is trying to win re-election.