Una Mae case growing cold

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SHERMAN -- There are new developments in the case of Sherman woman missing for a year. Police continue to investigate every lead in hopes of finding Una Mae Herd. But it looks like the case may be growing colder...

Earlier this week Grayson county judge Drue Bynum declared Una Mae Herd deceased after family members filed the probate for her will.
Mary Elizabeth West Una Mae's granddaughter filed the paperwork in May before Una Mae was officially declared dead.

On Tuesday the court decided there was enough proof to make that declaration. Una Mae went for a walk back in June of last year and never returned.
She left her wallet, driver’s license, and all of her personal belongings behind. Sherman police say the investigation is still open. They do suspect foul play. Even though she's been declared dead, they plan to continue looking for her until they find her.

Meanwhile her family is taking the next step, but filing paperwork to divide her estate.

"We feel that it's the necessary thing to do after a period of over a year,” said Thomas Redwine, the family’s attorney. “We've been Unable to locate her and so we've started this process so that after a period of about 3 years her estate can be finalized."

The family has until October to make an inventory of her assets, but they will have to wait until those funds will be available. Texas law states in missing persons cases the executor holds the assets for three years, just in case she's still alive.

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