Healdton to meet to discuss improvements

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HEALDTON, Okla. -- Officials in Healdton want to improve their city, and they say the best way to do that is to ask the people who live there. That's why they're holding a town hall meeting on Saturday and encouraging residents to come share their opinions.

Not only will Healdton residents get the chance to give their opinions at the town hall meeting, but they will also hear some concerns from their city leaders.

Sherrie Adams has been Healdton’s city manager for just two months, and she’s already busy trying to improve the city.

One issue city leaders plan to bring up is delinquent bills. Adams said before the city can make any kind of significant changes, citizens need to start paying their water bills. Adams said that a large number of city residents are not paying their bills. She says it has become a serious issue because several households are several payments behind.

City officials say they also want to improve the cable system, but their funds are limited and they need to meet DEQ standards for their water treatment plant by the start of next year, which will force them to raise their water rate

"Unfortunately, due to government requirements and EPA, the City of Healdton is being forced to build a new water treatment plant, and that’s forced us to raise our water rates," said Headlton city manager Sherrie Adams.

The city meeting is set to begin on Saturday at 9 a.m. At the Old Armory in downtown Healdton and will continue as long as the citizens have something to sa

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