New park planned in Sherman

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SHERMAN -- A $3 million project is part of city officials' plan to beautify Sherman. The land has been in the hands of the city for years, and now they plan to utilize it with a brand new park.

Lots of people make the 3-mile trek around Fairview Park. But this park and others like it are in for a major make-over.

"We're extending Fairview Park walk and trail as we speak," says Sherman city manager George Olson.

Forty-three percent of land designated as ‘parks’ in Sherman is undeveloped, but now 120 acres off FM 1417 will soon look much different.

It's the master plan for Pecan Grove Park on Dean Gilbert Lake. Planners say the park will have fishing docks, trails, and even an outdoor amphitheater.

City officials hope to complete the project within the next two years.

"People are interested in walking and exercise and that's becoming more of a national agenda to get kids and adults out exercising to get in better health,” says Olson.

Allen Gilbreth is one Sherman resident who says he'd love to see a new park.

"(I’d like to see) different places so we can get a little exercise be able to keep the ol’ ticker going."

As the city expands and the population grows, Olson say it's better to complete this project now rather than later.

"You can't go back and create green space where there's no green space to be had."

On the national average, 74% of Sherman parks are rated fair or poor, sending families to surrounding cities.

With this project, Olson is hoping to change that percentage.

"Now we have it to where we can keep them home, they don’t have to drive to Dallas for the things we can provide here.”

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