Hope rally for flood victims

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It’s been over a month since flood waters ravaged North Texas, destroying homes and displacing hundreds of families.

This weekend, those families gathered to share their stories with one another, and look towards the future, filled with hope.

Benton Thomas was one of the many who lost everything during their storm, rising waters washed away his home on Contemporary Street in Sherman. “Last month has been kind of rough. The floods came and you see the problem is just getting a place to stay, I tried but I couldn't. Now you see what happened was as soon as I got my kids out of the house waters came rushing in."

Since then, he has lived Denison. He has plans on rebuilding. Over the weekend at Wakefield Elementary, the Grayson Disaster Relief Group helped him out, with a Hope Rally.

Charles Niblet is the pastor of the Greater Harvest North Church in Sherman and says the event inspired many, who have lost so much. “You can live without water for a while, you can live without food for a while, but you can’t live without hope it will send you into depression and you really lose the will to live."

Hundreds of families from across the area were treated to free food, music and games. Austin College and several other organizations chipped in to help. "We understand that their still having a hard time and we want to be helpful and its good for the rest of the community to see what we can do to be helpful and supportive for our neighbors."

Organizers say they hope the event will allow victims to see that a full recovery is not far away and it’s that support which keeps many of them going. “Community support is very important cause when some parts of the community go through something the whole community is going through it and that’s just the bottom line."

That's specially true for Benton Thomas.

“It means a whole lot to me."

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