Airport expansion

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GRAYSON CO. -- Grayson County leaders are looking to the future as the county is expected to grow significantly in the next decade. Now private companies are making plans to make the county airport a big part of the area's expansion.

"The airport's been out there for more than 30 years,” said Jackie Crisp, Grayson County Commissioner, Precinct 3. “Everybody keeps saying it's a diamond in the rough, and it's time we start polishing the diamond."

Grayson County leaders expect to hear from four different companies on plans to develop the 1400 acres around the airport. The expansion could potentially bring 1500 jobs at no cost to the taxpayer.

Some of the discussions include using a portion of the property to build a new jail. A company would build a one thousand bed facility, and allocate about half of the building for county inmates. The county would run the jail and pay a lower price to house their inmates.

Federal and out of county inmates would occupy the remainder of the facility, while the county is spared from paying a hefty price tag to build the facility on their own.

"We're saving money on this side plus we haven't spent 100 million to build the jail," Crisp said.

Even though the development would take at least two years to complete, Crisp says it would coincide with the Highway 289 expansion.

"Let's try to catch em, let's have some industry in there, some buildings built so people can work and we 289 to go back and forth between work," Crisp said.

The meeting is scheduled for 10 o'clock Monday morning at the Grayson County Courthouse.

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