Toddler dies after being hit by car; driver arrested

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DENISON, Tex. -- An accident in Denison over the weekend killed 14-month-old Zachary Ellis Duncan when he was hit by a car Sunday evening. Authorities say the driver was trying to splash children after rainwater filled gutters and ditches.

The child's mother says she did all she could to save her little boy, even jumping in front of the car that was headed straight for them.

It was supposed to be a fun outing following a brief downpour on a Sunday afternoon, but in an instant it turned to tragedy.

Zachary’s grandmother, Gloria O’Neal, says "Everyone is just trying to console everybody, and we're really worried about Tori (Zachary’s mother) right now because she is in the hospital."

Zachary’s mother, Victoria Neasbitt, is recovering from her injuries at Texoma Medical Center and dealing with the loss of a child.

"He knew he was loved…his brothers loved him. He was momma's little chunk monkey and always will be," said Neasbitt.

Authorities say the mother tried to jump in front of the car to save Zachary. She’s still in the hospital with severe injuries.

"I crawled around the car and pulled my son who was mangled under the car out from under the car. The last thing I remember seeing was my son on the grass with blood everywhere and me getting pulled away from him," said Neasbitt.

The driver of the car, Terri Perdew, 47, was arrested accused of manslaughter.

All the family has now are their memories of Zachary.

"He loved to run and play he loved to play tag and in the water," said Zachary’s grandmother.

Zach’s mother, Victoria Neasbitt, is recovering from her injuries at Texoma Medical Center.

Funeral services are pending for Zachary Duncan.

Perdew is currently being held in the Grayson County Jail.

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