Oklahoma waiting for declaration

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Several counties across Texoma have been declared federal disaster areas because of the flooding, but Marshall County isn’t one of them and state representatives say the process to get a declaration is a work in progress.

Catfish Bay Marina owner Sherri Williams gave us a tour of her water-damaged offices. The sour smell of the ruined carpet and molded walls only add to the losses.

"They are considering our office a total loss right now initial estimates are around two hundred to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to replace it," said Williams.

Williams considers her one of the lucky ones. Her business is still operational while most of the other marinas are still underwater. In the mean, time local representatives have been working with state lawmakers to get federal assistance.

"Senator Jay Paul Gumm and I have been in contact with the governors office and that process has started," said Representative Terry Hyman.

However, just like other marina owners, she wondering why the county hasn't been declared a disaster area. Rep. Terry Hyman says priorities in other parts of the state have made things seem a bit slow.

"We had a lot of communities that didn’t have sewer service or water service and trying to restore some of those services was number one priority not only for governors offices but for DEQ and other agencies," said Hyman.

Williams has already applied for assistance so when Marshall County is declared, that’s one less step to worry about.

"There’s a lot of work to be done we still got all our employees plenty to do with the clean up. We’re like everyone else we do need any assistance we can get to keep employees working and get through this," said Williams.

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