Commissioners meeting in Grayson Co.

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. – Officials say they have taken a major step toward putting together an economic team for Grayson County.

They made the decision on Monday to partner with Black Knight Partners of Dallas. This will be a public-private partnership which will help finance growth in Grayson County.

Commissioners say after a meeting last week they feel the public supports their decision to move forward.

Officials say the partnership will attract more business to the area, and develop a plan for when the much anticipated growth from the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex hits the Grayson County line.

County officials say one of the reasons behind the partnership is to further development of the airport and help build a new jail.

The judge says the next step will be to meet with the group and go over a draft constitution.

They hope to have a plan in place by the beginning of August.

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