Water controversy in Mead

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MEAD, Okla. -- The water quality is under scrutiny in Mead, Oklahoma. We spoke with the experts on Monday to find out just what's in the water in Mead.

Residents say the water looks muddy and leaves a bad aftertaste, but experts say the discoloration doesn't pose any health risks.

Officials with the Bryan County Rural Water District Two say about two weeks ago they found some iron and manganese in the water. They aren't sure what caused the additional iron, but say recent heavy rains could have played a part.

Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality officials say iron could cause laundry to become discolored but would not make a person sick, so it's safe to drink.

Local water officials say they are sending their regular samples to DEQ, as is the standard procedure.

Water district officials say they are working with a local chemist to flush the iron out of the system, but they say if anyone is concerned about the water quality to contact their office.

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