Warrant Roundup in Cooke County

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GAINESVILLE, TX--The amnesty period ended at 5pm Friday night, and for anyone left with outstanding warrants, officials were out in full force knocking on doors.

Officers from several police departments across Cooke County along with Texas State Troopers all worked together looking for those who hadn't paid their fines.

Justice of the Peace, Dorothy Lewis, says many of those with outstanding warrants have been coming forward, taking advantage of the waived warrant fee which ended today.

"It was very busy this morning," Lewis, said, "But things are going very well. It's been well organized. The guys and ladies have all been out knocking on doors, and arresting people and putting them in jail. I'm very pleased it's a county wide effort. Every entity in the county has been involved in this and I think that's good."

The warrant roundup focused on those with Class C misdemeanors.

Judge Dorothy Lewis says most of those involved traffic tickets, but also included some individuals with alcohol offenses, assaults and writing hot checks.

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