Gainesville city manager search

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GAINESVILLE -- First they’re rebuilding from a devastating flood, now Gainesville officials are looking for a new city manager. The outgoing city manager says his new job is a unique opportunity to help build another city from the ground up.

Mike Land says his background is in architecture and land development. He'll use those skills as city manager of Prosper, Texas.

The city council met in special session Monday night to name an executive search firm that would handle selecting a new city manager. Two companies gave their presentations. Each firm would narrow the applicant pool down to four to eight candidates, and then the city would make the ultimate decision.

"The timing has not been good for us to have to go out and get a new city manager but that's what we're going to have to do," said Glen Loch, mayor of Gainesville.

Land says he has raised his family in Gainesville, coming to work for the city in 1992. Although he interviewed for the new position since the flooding in the city a month ago, the floods didn’t play a factor in his decision, he said. He couldn't pass up the chance to work in a developing area like Prosper.

"The town of Prosper is just exploding,” Land said. “With this growth it's a great opportunity to build a community from the foundation from the ground up and having a vision of what that community could be and can be is something that really excites me."

The council is scheduled to pick a consulting company at a meeting next week. They expect the search to take about four months. The city hasn’t named an interim city manager, but is expected to before Land's last day.

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