Saving old Denison High School

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DENISON, Tex. -- Demolition has been postponed of the old Denison High School on Main Street in downtown Denison after a protest Thursday morning in front of the school concluded with a Denison man putting up his own money to save the building.

Buying time is a phrase we hear often, but it's taking on a whole new meaning as Denison resident Joe Pollaro paid the city to postpone the demolition of the old Denison High School.

It started out Thursday morning as a heated exchange over whether part two of the demolition process would take place. That's when Joe Pollaro and other concerned Denison residents came out to protest.

Pollaro worked out an agreement with the city in which he will have to pay a total of $10,000 in cash to the city for contracting fees, and he has until August 10th to devise a new plan for the city to restore the old Denison building.

Pollaro says that plan “…will tell us what we need to do step by step to see what we need to do and actually something to save the school."

Pollaro met with Denison mayor Robert Brady and city attorney Tom Aikens who have set benchmarks for Pollaro.

The demolition of the school had been an ongoing story for much of the year, and an online petition was recently started in a last-ditch effort to save part of the school.

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