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DURANT, Okla -- On Tuesday, we talked about how to keep your child safe before school starts. In today's Safe Family report, Ryan Loyd talks to Durant Public Schools leaders to find out how they plan to keep your child safe when they're in class.

School Safety

One measure the district is taking is the use of security cameras all over each campus. In fact, Durant Intermediate Principal Todd Harrison says this year his campus has doubled the number of cameras. Thirty-two cameras are up and running, and they are directly connected to Harrison's office. Harrison says the security cameras are even better than having an alarm security system.

Harrison is a tech-savvy guy, and he even has the chance to talk to parents himself. It's through podcasting. He records updates on his computer and sends it to the World Wide Web so parents can download important information regarding school holidays, school policies, and of course, school safety.

When it comes to cost of all this technology, Harrison says, "I'm not sure what it costs, but when it comes to the safety of kids, you do what you have to do."

Every door to Harrison's campus is also locked, and visitors are directed to sign in at the front office. Taking a preventative measure to a potential dangerous situation is something Harrison remembers each day. School violence across the country has been on everyone's mind in recent years.

Parents say they are comforted to know that schools are taking extra steps to keep their children safe. But as Andy Sanchez says, "I think a lot of it is being involved with children's lives, not just leaving it completely up to the schools."

What is your district doing?

Districts across Texoma are also making the grade when it comes to safety. Check out some of the policies. You can also visit the websites to learn more.

Your kids' schools’ website is listed on our Schools Page at

In Sherman, the district has a safety policy outlined on its website. Partnered with several agencies, including Texas Homeland Security, the Texas School Safety Center, and the National School Safety and Security Services, the district policy begins:

National security alerts and events have resulted in many questions about emergency preparedness. Sherman ISD has taken steps to prepare for a variety of emergency situations to ensure that students are safe and secure. District officials are regularly in contact with law enforcement officials, including the new federal Homeland Security in this area and have coordinated with local emergency responders in developing our emergency procedures.

Visit the website to learn more about the policies and procedures.