Fill the Boot Campaign Back, Despite Ordinance

7-9-04 - Denison firefighters are back with boots in hand for the Muscular Dystrophy Association – the first time in 15 years that they’ve taken part in the charity drive, ironically, because of the law that caused them to stop.

An ordinance in Dallas has kept firefighters there from soliciting for donations on the streets, which left them nearly $300,000 short of their MDA goal. The Fill the Boot campaign is an annual tradition across the country. So, other fire departments have stepped in to fill the void, including Denison. Although the same type of ordinance restricts firefighters in Denison, they’ve set up outside Denison’s Walmart, a high traffic area.

Friday alone, they raised just over $1,000 for MDA. Firefighters will be there through Sunday.

Denison passed their no soliciting ordinance over a dozen years ago, which was one of the reasons firefighters there stopped taking part in the Fill the Boot campaign.