Marshall Co. businessman continues fight against ODOT

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Okla. – An Oklahoma businessman continues his fight against the Oklahoma Department of Transportation as the days countdown until Highway 70 is expanded in Madill.

Gary Minor has owned his printing business for the past 33 years, and he says he’s the only wants what’s fair: compensation he says he’s not getting from the state.

Minor has been fighting the state's expansion of Highway 70 for the past year. Plans call for the road to go right through his parking lot. When finished, the road will run just feet from his business.

Minor says state contractors came onto his property and tried to remove a sign and a smaller building.

"The last letter I got was August 1st to take physical possession of the property, this is not August 1st. We’re still in July," says Minor.

Last year, Minor says state assessors once gave him $21,000 for compensation. Then they tried settling for more money which minor says is not enough to put an entrance on the back side of his building.

"They offered me $49,000 for possession of my property with any parking within eight to ten feet saying it won’t affect my business. I don’t know how they can figure that with people backing into a highway."

Officials from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation say their offer is fair.

"We’re following uniform act. They have established guidelines for how we appraise property. We have to offer fair market value," says ODOT public information officer Susan Sanallison.

It that value that minor says won’t cover expenses to remodel his building.

"Changing this building around front to back will cost $130,000-$150,000," adds Minor.

Minor says delayed court dates and mounting legal fees might cost him his business

"I’ll have to sell everything I got."

Minor says he will keep fighting the state.

The case is scheduled to go to trial August 29th.

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