Bomb Explodes Near Crisis Shelter

7-13-04 - A Durant man was arrested Tuesday morning and charged with detonating an acetylene bomb outside the local women’s crisis shelter. The bomb exploded inside a dumpster late Saturday night – something residents initially thought was a car backfiring.

But police soon connected the scorched dumpster to the remains of the bomb, which is made from acetylene gas, which is used primarily in cutting torches.

A woman at the shelter alerted police that her husband might have been involved. A search warrant for the home of Donald Craig Baxter revealed bomb-making components, and Baxter was placed under arrest.

He has a long criminal history with convictions including assault, domestic abuse and intimidation of a witness.

A bomb expert says the acetylene was as powerful as about half a stick of dynamite and could have seriously injured someone standing nearby.

Baxter’s bond has been set at $100,000.