Back-to-school supply drive

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SHERMAN -- Local children are getting a helping hand from Texoma area council of governments. They are having a school drive to get school supplies to lower income families.

You can drop off backpacks, paper, and other items at Lowe’s in Sherman or the Texoma Council of Governments building on Gallagher Drive.

Door prices for local restaurants and businesses will be given to participants on August 17th.

Program coordinator Sally Hodges says with the long list of supplies kids need to return to school, it can get pretty pricey for families.

"By getting the children and adults excited about the school year, they have a better school year, and we all know the more education the less chance they'll stay on welfare, so this is a way to alleviate the welfare burden," said Hodges.

You'll have till August 14th to drop things off.

Just stop by Lowe’s or the TCOG building to make your donation.

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