Teens Find Handgun - 2nd Occurence in 4 Months

7-12-04 - Two Ardmore teenagers did the right thing this weekend when they found a loaded handgun along a city street.

Police say two young teens were riding their bicycles along G Street Northeast Saturday afternoon when the found a loaded .25 caliber handgun lying under some bushes near the curb.

The boys took the gun to one of their mothers, who then called police. Today the woman told First News that she is concerned that a loaded handgun would be laying around for anyone to find.

Police say they have no reason to suspect the gun is connected to a crime, but it comes just four months after a similar incident. In March, some young children also found a .25 caliber handgun in the northwest part of Ardmore, also loaded.

Despite the coincidence, police say this is really a rare occurrence.