Close Call - Flying Debris Misses Driver

7-12-04 - A Sherman woman and her children narrowly avoided a tragedy Monday when a piece of a semi-truck crashed through their car’s windshield along US 75.

The 100lb brake drum missed Renee Scally’s head by mere inches, after it ricocheted off the car’s hood and to the left of her head. Moments earlier, the drum had come loose from the truck’s axle.

Renee suffered minor cuts from flying glass, but she and her children were fine. Their car came to rest in the median on the highway. Police later pulled over the truck driver at Fallon Drive, who hadn’t realized the drum had come loose.

Ironically, Scally was driving behind a semi-truck 5 years ago when the truck lost its drive shaft, which then crashed into her car. She was ok then, and is thankful that her luck continued this time.

Scally and her children were actually test driving a new car during Monday’s accident.