Store Owner Fights Off Armed Robber

7-14-04 - An elderly store owner fought back against an armed robber Tuesday night in Ardmore. Howard McMahon, 68, was inside his liquor store on Sam Noble Parkway around 8pm when he noticed a suspicious looking man walk into the convenience store next door. Known as “The Boy’s Store”, its owned by McMahon and his wife, and his granddaughter was behind the counter at the time.

McMahon used a surveillance camera to keep an eye on the inside of the store. From that vantage point, he saw the man walk up to the counter and point something at his granddaughter, who then put her hands up.

The store owner took action, grabbing a hammer and going through the back door. He tackled the robber and wrestled the gun away. The crook managed to slip away, but not before he dropped the money and his gun. A few blocks away, police arrested their suspect Christopher Ray Smith, 22.

Today he told First News that he was trying to protect his granddaughter, and never worried about his own safety. Police say although they don’t advise that kind of response, they’re pleased with the way the incident turned out.

Smith is being held in the Carter County jail on charges of armed robbery and public intoxication.