Council keeps deadline on old Denison H.S.

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DENISON, Tex. -- Monday marked decision day for the Denison city council, and they came and went with a plan the people liked.

During a special meeting Monday afternoon, residents voiced their concerns about saving the old Denison High School. The council then met in executive session to determine whether or not to tear down the old high school now or give the people until August 10th to decide what to do next.

Denison council members heard from people who are passionate not only to save the old Denison High School, but to save the city of Denison as well.

Marcia Chrise isn't even from Denison, but her determination to help stop demolition of the old high school is strong.

Many others turned out to show once again that their support is just as strong.

But would all their effort and ‘Rally Round Our School’ signs convince the city council in a special session to keep the August 10th deadline?

Michelle Castle says, "We can do this without costing the city taxpayers money."

In an emotional meeting after more than an hour of debate, the council kept its promise.

“There won't be anything done. The council is looking at options that may give them more time," Denison mayor Robert Brady announced

But petitioners only have until the original date of August 10th to come up with that plan.

Until then, petitioners like Mike Tingle are keeping the passion alive.

"It’s our history; it's a gem in the rough. It is. We lose this, what else are they gonna take?"

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