Fatal accident leaves 2 dead in Fannin Co.

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HONEY GROVE, Tex. -- A two-car crash in Honey Grove leaves a Paris couple dead. It happened just after noon Monday.

Both Honey Grove police and State Troopers responded to the wreck at 10th Street and U.S. Highway 82. Police say Anthony West was driving a white sedan westboung on Highway 82 when it spun out and was hit by a semi truck headed eastbound.

West and his wife Deborah were killed in the accident.

Charles Neeley, who lives near where the accident occurred, described the scene.

"I just heard a big boom and came out to see what happened. I see a truck in a ditch down there, pieces of car in highway out there. I run down there to see if the driver was ok. He done climbed out and was fine but people in the car… I couldn't say...they didn't make it."

Honey Grove police say they are still investigating the accident.

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