Man's body found in field, family and law enforcement want answers

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SHERMAN, TX - The body of 27-year-old Bobbi Ray Mathenia was found in a pasture, the cause of death is blunt force trauma to the head. Now with two suspects in custody, the question for both law enforcement and Mathenia's family is why.

Evelyn Stone reported her son missing almost two weeks ago on a Saturday. The next Monday Sherman Police filed a missing persons report. It was that report that helped investigators identify his body a week later.

"It's been hard this week, very hard that my brother's been killed, I mean we thought he might be somewhere, but I didn't imagine this,” said Johnnie Mathenia, one of Bobbi’s brothers.

The Sheriff's Office says they had already begun an investigation before he was reported missing. They discovered his body Monday afternoon in a pasture off of Gibbons Rd. and Deaver Rd. just west of Sherman near Highway 56.

"The way he died, he died in pain I mean… they beat him and took him to a field and left him, I mean that's just something that you don't, you don't want to see happen to nobody,” said another brother, Antonie Mathenia.

Further investigation led to the arrest of two suspects. 24-year-old Dustin Ray Mullins was picked up on unrelated charges and brought in for questioning. He's now charged with murder, no bond has been set. Mullins’ interview led to the arrest of 24 -year-old Christopher Shawn Blythe, also charged with murder and tampering with evidence. His bond is set at one point $1,250,000.

"I would like to sit to be able to go in there to talk to them and ask them why, why did they take my son's life, that's all I want to know, why,” said Mathenia’s mother.

Chief Rains with the Sheriff’s Office said the investigation isn't complete and more arrests could be made. They will hold a special grand jury next Wednesday, March 24, 2010, to aid in the investigation.

"I won't say that there's other suspects involved, there are other issues that we have to clear up, and that's why we've convened the grand jury to help us determine whether there are or whether there are not,” said Rains at a press conference Wednesday morning.

Mathenia’s family members now want justice and answers for his murder, but are relieved that some arrests have been made.

"I am thankful that they do have somebody, they do have somebody right now on charges, but the other guys that are still on the loose, they're going to catch up with them later,” said Antonie.

Bobby had six brothers and one sister, a four year old daughter; and he lived and worked here in Sherman.

Funeral arrangements have been made for this Saturday, March 20, 2010, at 1:00 p.m. at the Harmony Baptists Church in Sherman.