Local Bank Robbed for 2nd Time

7-21-04 - A small town bank in Fannin County was robbed Wednesday for the second time this year.

At 9:30am, a man walked into the Farmers and Merchants State Bank of Ladonia and told a teller to give him all her money. She emptied her cash drawer, then the man left, but not before telling those in the bank to ‘have a nice day’. The man appeared to be unarmed, and walked away from the bank.

Back in March, a man carrying a gun robbed the same bank. Authorities don’t believe the two cases are connected, but residents say the lack of police protection means their community is a target for criminals. The volunteer police chief walked off the job just two months ago, and today, it took local and state law enforcement 10 minutes to respond to the robbery.

The robber is a white man, who was wearing a denim shirt, jeans, baseball cap, and wrap-around sunglasses.