Illegal gambling ring suspects speak out

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LOVE COUNTY, Okla. -- More than 100 suspects in an illegal gambling ring stood before a Love County judge on Tuesday. Now, some of those suspects are speaking out about their arrests and why they feel they were falsely imprisoned.

More than 30 men and women plead their cases, most of them with the same story: that they were just there to watch the races, and they want to know why they were arrested.

Nearly 200 law enforcement agents took part in Sunday’s raid, making around 100 arrests. Many of those arrested say they spent the night in jail for doing nothing wrong.

"They put us in jail for two days for nothing wasting my time and money. They have murderers and everything in there we were just watching. We didn’t know what we were charged for until an hour before court," said “Jake,” who says he just watched the races.

Authorities say the suspects were gambling on unsanctioned horse races, which is against the law in the state of Oklahoma. That is exactly what law enforcement agents say these suspects were doing at the Red River Racetrack.

Officials with the Oklahoma Attorney General's Office say the entire event was illegal in some way.

"There are proper events and proper ways to train horses. Participating in an illegal event violates the state laws is not one of those choices," said an official from that office.

The Attorney General’s Office is also investigating other illegal horse racing rings and hopes that this will be a wake up call for all participants.

"Hopefully, others who are operating illegal tracks will learn from Sunday’s experience in that it is against the law such an operation shouldn’t be run without the proper license and safe guards that should be in place"

More arraignments are scheduled for Friday, and representatives from the state attorney general’s office are expected to be on hand to explain the exact charges to the judge.

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