Ardmore Home is Target for Trouble

7-23-04 - A small drug raid was a familiar one for Drug Task Force agents in Ardmore Friday morning – it was the fourth time they’d been to the home at 707 Colbert in the last year.

They found two people already facing drug charges, and another man in the home, along with bagged marijuana, cash and a stolen handgun. The trailer home has been the site of a shooting, a stash for stolen weapons, and two drug raids in the last year. Authorities admit they’re amazed how the dealers bounce back into business, sometimes moments after being released on bond.

The trend is frustrating for prosecutors as well who say their hands are tied on the issue. "It's not a product of a failure in the system, it's just the way the system is set up. Constitutionally, people are entitled to bond. The fact of the charge means nothing," says District Attorney Mitch Sperry.

As for the residence involved in this case, by law, the city can seize the real estate but prosecutors say that isn't normally done, because policing the land usually ends up becoming a heavy tax burden on the community.