Edwards - "Hope is on the Way"

BOSTON (AP) - John Edwards and his family have been cheered at
the Democratic National Convention by a crowd of delegates waving
signs reading, "Hope is on the way."

The line was repeated several times by Edwards in his vice-presidential acceptance speech to the convention -- sending that message of hope to people struggling to pay medical bills, and to those hoping to go to college, and to troops fighting in Iraq.

He called on Americans to "embrace the politics of hope" --
and to reject what he said would be a negative campaign by

At a convention that has focused in large part on national security and on John Kerry's military record, Edwards spoke of Kerry's economic program -- saying it would boost taxes on the top two percent, while providing benefits to millions.

But he also said Kerry would be a "decisive" commander-in-chief -- and that he would use the country's military might to "keep the American people safe."

Edwards and his wife were then joined on stage by their 22-year-old daughter and two younger children.