Oklahoma wraps up tax-free weekend

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BRYAN COUNTY - As the first ever tax-free weekend comes to a close, Oklahoma lawmakers and retailers said they can't wait to do it all again next year.

"It just blew us away we just had no idea what to expect, " said Stage store manager Shawn Boheme. He said he knew when lawmakers created the state's first tax-free weekend, retailers had to be ready.

"We tried to make sure we had enough staff on hand," he said. "People in the departments needed to help customers if they have question sabout things or have questions about items."

He said the preparation paid off. Stage saw more shoppers on Saturday and Sunday than they did on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Compared to last year's profits at this time, Boheme said they were up two percentage points.

"It's a great weekend for Oklahoma families who get a little bit of a break out of all the tax cuts that we have passed over the past three years," Senator Jay Paul Gumm said. "This is the one you see at the cash register when you check out."

Gumm said lawmakers didn't have any specific expectations for the weekend.

"We really didn't have any benchmarks, but we knew we would do well, and we knew this was going to be a very good weekend for Oklahoma retailers."

Shoppers from Kansas, Arkansa and Texas, along with Oklahomans, took advantage of the savings, which included any purchase of clothing and footwear under $100.

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