Ardmore passes grass clipping ordinance

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ARDMORE, Okla. -- After this summer's heavy rains kept grounds too damp to be manicured, plenty of people across Texoma are now able to get out and mow their lawns.

But Ardmore city officials and the Ardmore Beautification Council say if you don't clean up after yourself, you may get a ticket.

Officials say that some residents mow their yards and then sweep or just leave the grass clippings in the roads and gutters. They say that causes drainage ditches to clog up, besides being an eyesore for the community.

This prompted the city to pass an ordinance to make sure residents dispose of grass clippings properly.

"If the gutter stops up, the city has to come out and clean it up, and that’s your tax dollar used, and it looks bad. If you use chemicals in your yard, that may end up in the water system," says Ardmore Beautification Councilwoman Norma Lynne Paschall.

If citizens don't obey the city ordinance, they could be fined up to $200.

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