Keeping kids safe

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ARDMORE, Okla. -- The death of a two-year-old Tulsa boy suffocated by a day care owner back in May has spurred Oklahoma lawmakers to tighten regulations when it comes to child care.

Finding out their child was hurt at day care is a parent's worst nightmare. Now Oklahoma governor Brad Henry is tightening laws to help prevent abuse and neglect cases at local day cares.

Last week, Governor Henry approved tough new standards for Oklahoma day cares. Department of Human Services official Mary Leaver says it's the first step toward making sure Ardmore’s children are safe.

The new rules will require daycare operators to publicly post information about disciplinary actions and any investigations into the child care facility.

Gloria Aynsworth Day Care director Sally Murray says she loves the ideas, but this is just a start, even more guidelines are needed.

There are no recorded cases according to the Ardmore Department of Human Services Office of child abuse or neglect at any of the city's 14 day cares. Murray says she hopes it stays that way and Ardmore children remain in the best hands available.

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services currently makes two random visits every two months to day cares, and directors have to post those reports for parents to see.

The new laws will take effect October 1st.

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