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TELEPHONE, Tex. -- Hell on the Red is a small but spicy company located in Telephone. It started more than two decades ago by a man named Thomas "Red" Baugh. One day, he joked with his camping buddies that he could make a better salsa than the stuff they had on their camping trip. So, the former Air Force cook took his challenge
and got cooking. Hell on the Red was born.

Today, his family runs the company. It's still in the 3,200 square foot building, but today Justin Baugh is the manager. Together with his staff, 60,000 cases are produced each year and sold to stores in states all over the country through distributors.

Baugh says, "It's something to be proud of." So the tradition continues to this day. You can pick up six different varieties: hot & spicy mustard, cheese dip, barbecue sauce, chili fixins, and the tradition hot or mild salsa.

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