Boxed Cat Left in Ardmore Dumpster

8-2-04 - Ardmore police are investigating another case of animal cruelty – the second time in two weeks a cat was placed inside a box. The latest case happened at the Burger King restaurant along Commerce Street Sunday morning.

Police say a customer told the restaurant manager that a cat was lying in the drive-thru, apparently injured. The manager placed the cat into a cardboard box that was open at the top, and then put the box on top of trash in the dumpster.

Today, the restaurant owner told First News that his manager had no intention of leaving the cat in the dumpster. But when she returned to the restaurant, a customer had already called animal control, and told the manager the cat could not be left there.

Within 10 minutes, animal control officers, and a police officer had arrived and secured the cat. Workers at the animal shelter expect the cat to recover. Police are still investigating and should hand their findings to the district attorney by mid-week.

It was just a few weeks ago when a man in Ardmore called animal control to say he had dumped a cat on the curb, inside a box. Animal control officers later realized after picking up the box, that the cat was still alive, trapped inside a trash bag and two boxes. That cat died within hours.