Local craft brewery to expand, bringing new jobs to Sherman

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SHERMAN, TX - Excitement is on tap at a local brewery, as they expand their operation.

903 Brewers, the start-up craft brewery in Sherman, is now brewing a bigger batch.

Tuesday, 903 Brewers and the Sherman Economic Development Corporation (SEDCO) announced the Brewery is expanding it's operation--investing $389,000, while SEDCO has agreed to an incentive grant of $22,000.

"They're really good marketers and really dedicated to what they do, we saw that last year in the early stages. So we're very excited about their early success, and our ability to kind of keep them going," said SEDCO president Scott Connell.

"It's like a marriage. We've renewed our vows to the city, it's our commitment to them, and it's their commitment to us, to help us grow and help this economy as we create jobs and grow throughout the city," said owner and brewer Jeremy Roberts.

Roberts says the expansion will create 10 new jobs, and pay for equipment to increase their brewing capabilities.

Using their new brew house, what used to be two weeks worth of beer, can now be made in just one day.

"We actually have a bottling line coming, which should be here in just a little over a week, because right now our product is in kegs only, so you can only go to a restaurant or a bar or to the brewery to enjoy our beer," said Roberts.

The 903 Brewers plan to have bottled beer in stores throughout the area code and beyond within the next 6 weeks. And the entire expansion is expected to take 18 months.

This Friday: 903 Brewers is hosting its first ever "Friday Movie Night" at the Brewery. A 90's cover band will start playing a 7 p.m., and once the sun goes down they'll play "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." Ryder's Sliders will be serving food, and the proceeds from that night will be donated to a local charity.

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