903 Brewery just days away from grand opening

SHERMAN, TX-- Sherman, Texas is about to be put on the map, and the reason, is certainly unique to the area.

"We wanted to do something that Sherman has never had, and we were a little nervous about opening a brewery here in town, but the support has been huge," founder Jeremy Roberts, says.

Texoma natives, Jeremy and Natalie Roberts are just days away from opening the 903 Brewery, an ode to the area, that shows their Grayson County pride through and through.

"We're going to start with two beers, the first one is called "The Chosen One, it's a coconut ale, it's awesome on a hot summer day. The second beer that we're doing is going to be a "Roos Red Ale." What it is, it's a normal red ale, but what we do is, we hop it up.

"Roos Red Ale is of course, named after the Austin College mascot, the kangaroo, and while the Roberts vision is starting small, they certainly have plans to grow and expand, not just with their beer, but with their ideology.

"So many of our friends have left here and they've gone to the big city, and they haven't come back, and so you're seeing a lot of changes around the small cities where they kind of become the cool thing. One of the things that we're encouraging, is for younger people to create new jobs some that Sherman doesnt have. Not the antique stores, not more restaurants, not more manufacturing, but something different, to encourage people to stay here in the Sherman area."

The grand opening is set for Saturday, June 8th from 1pm-4pm at the brewery. 1718 Elm Street in Sherman.

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